Plan before you go.  Who will you see when and where? Download the festival App to help you, turn on push notification.  Check out the fest300 website for a huge amount of content to help you prepare.  Use all these resources to create your own schedule, or not, maybe you are a go with the flow kinda person!


Test your tent out before you get there, check for leaks, know how to set it up.  It can be difficult to setup with a few drinks in you, even more difficult if you have never done it before. If you are cooking yourself make sure you know how to use your stove and how to change the gas, DON’T CHANGE GAS IN THE TENT!  Check that the canister is threaded properly before lighting.


With a 100,000 people all trying to use the network at the same time this might cause issues for connecting.  Be prepared for no reception.  Use the FireChat App which allows you send messages without Internet or cell coverage, it uses blutooth and wifi to create a network with other people using the app allowing you to text, pretty cool right!

Download OpenSignal, this App will allow you to check different locations on the festival site to see where you can get the best coverage for making a phone call.


If you are going to be relying on your phone allot, as I do, be aware of how much battery you have and make sure you plan for charging.  Rather than queuing to get a charge why not bring your own solar panel charger, there are loads of very cool ones on the market now, just Google it and you’ll see, or check this out.  Click here

When your battery is nearly dead sometimes the camera app will not work, I find this really annoying.  To get around this use an app like snapchat which wont stop you from using the camera.  When you don’t need to use your phone it goes without saying, keep it airplane mode.


Its probably a little risky to just put you gadgets in your purse or pocket when you are going to be surrounded by and bumping into thousands of people.  Check out Spibelt to keep your gadgets safe and leaving you free to go crazy in the mosh pit.



It can be difficult to find your tent when you are finished for the night.  All you want to do is put your head down somewhere after wondering around the campsite for ages.  When you set up came drop a pin on google maps so you know where to go.

Even better, get a tent or group of tents that will stand out, something you will sport straight away.  These FieldCandy tents are perfect for standing out.


If you are camping with a group of friends what not arrange your tents into a circle leaving room in the middle for hanging out, cooking and dancing.


I know its a pain to carry around anything but you should always have a bottle of water or two with you, especially if its hot.  The lines to the food stands are going to be long so buy a few bottles or bring your own if the festival allows it.


Did you know you can get burnt through the clouds, my friends always laugh at me when I say this, but its not bull shit, you can and I have.  If its hot make sure you protect yourself with sunscreen at all times.  I use a product called P20 which is oil based and applies in seconds, no rubbing for ages with creams for me!!


For when the showers are too long 🙂
Also being hand sanitizer for obvious reasons, toilets, thats all I’ll say!


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